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Saturday, March 19, 2022

Latest Two Line Quotes In English || Two Line Quotes In English 2022

 Latest Two Line Quotes In English

couple images 2022
couple images 2022

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Quotes In English

couple images 2022
couple images 2022

you are good too…
your favor is also good,
We are the ones whose heart does not feel bad without you.

You got me like a cigarette..
A ashiqui puff was felt for a moment, the addiction took a lifetime.

Waking up is also accepted in your memories throughout the night,
Where is the peace in your feelings in your sleep?

My heart was no less beautiful then,
But every time those who die die in Surat itself!

Only noor will rain in every relationship..
The only condition is that do mischief in the relationship, not conspiracies.

Whatever comes out of the heart has some effect.
The one who says weeps, the one who hears also cries.

Lies say that love is everything
snatches away,
I have loved
Got the treasure of sorrow

In the houses where earthen pots live,
Small in stature but people remain big.

Those in whose hands..
There are blisters all the time..
Abandoned on his own..
The palace dwellers

Shayari rounds will go on without me...
Poetry does not end with the loss of a poet.

Two Line Quotes In English

couple images 2022
couple images 2022

They are small, not in shops, hotels and workshops, in fact these children grow up in their homes.

Let's go together as far as together is possible,
Where the circumstances change, you also change.

The convoy of life is standing at a strange point,
Went to find peace
Lost sleep"..!

You were compelled to change
If we changed, we became unfaithful!

that's a lie…
The love breaks someone's heart,
People break themselves
Doing love

Who knows what loneliness is,
Those people are always present for others.

I wish you could just play so much love..
When I am upset, you convince me…!

Keep smiling in the path of life always,
Sad hearts get sympathizers,
We do not!

Ah I need this age till the effect is reached,
Who has won till the head of the swirl turns..!

O heart, don't take a little courage, man
Let's go and forget him together.

Two Line Quotes In English 2022

couple images 2022
couple images 2022

Everyone decorates the festival of desires,
The whole belongs to the one who brings luck..!

What I asked him..
Why are you crying over this talk..
She said lovingly,
I love running water.

By death the world dies...
The lover dies only because of love.

Even after buying a lot..
Would have saved a lot.

From today's time,
Those childhood days were good.

This sequence of desire was from both the sides,
She wanted my life and I wanted her more than my life.

Some people are like this in times too..
In the gathering, we laugh and cry in loneliness!

Listen, I have to love you one more time,
But this time we will do infidelity.

The face was telling that hunger has killed,
Everyone was saying that he died after eating something.

If you ask from my heart, even today you are mine
It is another matter that luck got bogged down.

I should go away from his life, it was his prayer,
And may his every prayer be fulfilled,
This was my prayer.

Two Line Quotes

Will not force you to keep promises,
come just once
To take back your memories..

Some people mislead even from the destinations
It is not good to ask everyone the way.

Eyes to say,
were less than before
Now everyone repeats what they have heard.

Life has gone on a journey…
Tell me when you will get the destination, my God..!

Some relationships often end because of that too..
It is not always the fault of the mistakes.

Your stubbornness will be broken that day,
When you will come to know that the one who remembers has now become a remembrance..

He went on doing magic with words
And we accepted everything in the matter

Don't even forget to tell your heart to anyone,
Here the paper also becomes a newspaper in a short time!

I said a lot of love falls on you..
He smiled and said and what do you know?

Both are lost after coming in your street.
I am looking for the heart, the heart is looking for you.

Storms also have to come in life
then it turns out that
who runs away
and who's holding hands

With which face to blame the rain showers,
We ourselves had made the picture on the walls of mud!

Any ?
Is anyone happy in the goods only?
Those people are happy in lentils..
One who is happy at all times.

If someone rejects, then live with a laugh,
Because in the world of love there is no coercion!

Today we will make them cry a lot,
I have heard that she has a habit of clinging to tears!

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