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Friday, November 29, 2019

Few Lines On My Father In English || Quotes for father day 2020

Few Lines On My Father In English

Father is the first person who wants his son or daughter to be more successful than him.

You must have always seen anger in father's eyes, but try to test the love that is in father's heart. If not sure, then go to father for 2 minutes and when he is sitting then go quietly to sit near his feet.

Believe it, in the second second, no matter how bad your father is in the mood, at that time he will definitely ask you what has happened to you, why you are worried, there is a worry or problem.

Father, whatever happens, can never see his children unhappy.

Friends, no matter how sad you may be in the world, but do not let your parents be sad because of you.

The love of parents will not be found anywhere. No matter how big a rich man in the world, but without a parent, that person is poor.

Father is angry but he can never see his son or daughter unhappy.

Quotes for father day

Father does not know how to fulfill the happiness of his children even in his low income. He himself walks on bicycles and gives motor cycles to his children so that their child will be happy.

Father always sees his happiness in the happiness of his children and we always complain to his parents that he did not do this for me.

Friends, if possible, sometimes buy something from your hard earned money for your father and bring it home. Believe your father's happiness will not be there.

Quotes for father day
Quotes for father day

Tears of happiness will be found in father's eyes. Being a father is very important in life.

I am surprised at those people who seek God in the mosques in temples, never go home and see their parents, for me my mother father is enough. Never seen God and the longing of God remains in the mind, there is no one greater than Papa Mummy.

Quotes for father day
Quotes for father day

Go to the feet of God and hit your head a thousand times, maybe he will listen to you, but go to the parents and ask for anything, he will get

Even if your parents are not able to do so, then nothing gives you comfort and patience. We get power in his words.

Life without father is like a dried leaf, which sometimes eats here and there. And never comes at any cost.

Quotes for father

It is very important to have a father in life, so it is our duty to fulfill the dreams of our father. We just have to promise ourselves that never because of us a tear comes from the eyes of our father.

Do something to show that our parents should be happy. Your success is everything for Mother Papa.

It is important to be successful or else people will ask you again and again what you are doing in this life. So, no matter how successful you are and make your parents' dreams come true.

Quotes for father
Quotes for father

This world is heard without a father. Think if the father was not there then who would have brought us toys. Who would have loved us if there was no father. If father were not there, then who would have fulfilled all our happiness.

Father is the only person who, for the happiness of his children, goes rate by rate and teaches his children by borrowing money.

It is not known whether God is the form of God or the father is God. I am still today

Quotes for father
Quotes for father

Before I say a few words to my father, let me tell you that you should earn a billion crores of money in life, but if your parents will not get any happiness, you will not get a place in hell either. So go ahead but don't leave the parents behind.

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I am writing this much on my parents, but if I ever need, I will write more because it is a matter of parents. Did not do this much, then did nothing.

Few Lines On My Father In English
Few Lines On My Father In English

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Nothing more than parents. nothing..

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