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Tuesday, December 3, 2019

English Shayari : Love, Sad, Latest English Shayari With image

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Latest English Shayari

Change over time
Or learn to change time
Don't force compulsions
Learn how to walk

"Heard that the sea has a great glory today,
Take the kayak where the storm has come.

Your relationship with you, in some life, is like this
Just like touching the air, the breath gets seduced!

"They are poets who write poetry
We are people of disrepute, only write pain

Some relationships often end with glory
Every time mistakes don't happen

I had to say I love them,
It took me ages to say

"It is very reassuring when we talk to them,
It is one night in thousands of nights,
When they look at me and look at me,
Then that very moment happens for me.

Those are very beautiful nights
When you have a word of heart.

"Who is hiding in the heart as a pain
Who is piercing in it
Heart is on one side and mirror on one side
Let's see who breaks this time first.

Laughter is also a love for smiling,
And it is also a love to hide this thing.

Love you i love you
And I do more than my life.

"You loved more than love,

I loved you more than you,
Now who will say love here
We had started more than this ..

Someone says everything to show off love.
Someone says everything without saying a word.

"Have you ever asked for relaxed heart
We also know that we do not care about you.

God bless the love that is in your name,
Even after passing a thousand years, we remain young.

Latest English Shayari With image
Latest English Shayari With image

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