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Saturday, January 4, 2020

Valentine Day Quotes For Whatsapp and Facebook Status 2020

Valentine Day Quotes For Whatsapp Status

I had seen it just for a glance, what was the news that you will be able to go in the air…
Happy Valentines Day

His trick was enough to blow the senses of this heart,… now it has become too long since he started wearing anklets in his feet…
😘😘 Happy Valentines Day

I was yours with you… I am yours without you…

We told them that Valentine's day is coming, what is needed and they hold our hand.

Why do I love a stranger so much?
Why is the desire to want to refuse,
Don't get it in my fortune, maybe
Then why wait for the same at that turn
Happy Valentine Day.

Love so silently that your marriage will make a noise…

How much love is there for you in this heart, if you have said it …… you will not be my world.

Valentine Day Quotes For Whatsapp
Valentine Day Quotes For Whatsapp

Special Love Valentines Day Status for Whatsapp in English

When these eyes become your eyes…. Whatever the day, but it becomes a festival💕 
Happy Valentines Day.

I kept adding the pie of the complaints, he hugged and spoiled all the accounts.

Those were the two moments between you and my smile… Just where love made a place ..

Valentine Valentine continued… longing for Valentine’s day .. love has come and gone .. we continued to shake hands like every year. Happy Valentines Day.

Top Valentine’s Day Quotes for Whatsapp & FB Messages

I wish they had some time in comfort that someone remembers them as life, Happy Valentine Day

Dull eyes are not good, the distance from friends is not good, sometimes meet us, SMS does not get fulfilled all the time. 💕 😍 Happy Valentine Day.

You will leave your own lack of heart, you will leave the line of waiting in your eyes, you will not forget to remember us, you will leave such a story of love …… .. Happy Valentines Day.

You are the "Taliban" of my life… You have created tremendous destruction …… .. Happy Valentines Day

I do not need to paint with the colors of the market, this face turns pink as soon as I remember anyone.

Do not know what innocence is on your face… It is better to see you in secret than in front of you. Happy Valentines Day😍 💕 😍

My heart's picture is on your wall .. And in your hands, your fortune is there. Happy Valentines Day😍 💕 😍

Can't we ask for love… and you hug and say, "Anything else?" 😍 😍 😍

It is said that love happens once..but whenever I see happens every time. 

You keep this heart of mine, you care very much about it ..! 😘 ♥ 😍Happy Valentines Day

Love does not happen from Surat; love is from the heart; Surat automatically feels lovely; those who have such love in their heart.

We are smart enough to catch their lies, but their fans are still so much that they still believe the truth !!

Special Love Valentines Day Status for Whatsapp in English

You have written your name in such a way that someone can find your name… .soever the heart beats….

Hopefully…!! A wish is fulfilled without worship… !!! He comes and hugs… ..without my permission !!!!! Happy Valentines Day😍 💕 😍

Your memories are increasing like winter… ..and my sleep is decreasing like temperature …… 😍 💕 😍😘😘

Beauty is not in Surat nor in veneer… just look at whatever you want… .. 😘 😍 Happy Valentines Day.

Handsome king in the form of you, please do not delay, come mad in my arms. Happy Valentines Day😍 💕 😍

Top Valentine’s Day Quotes for Whatsapp & FB Messages

People ask this every time, what did you see in it, I say the same every time, there is needless love. 

They do not allow the scope of the evening to disappear, we do not wait for morning.

No matter our price in your world, but we have given you the status of queen in our world .. Happy Valentines Day.

This is not a democracy of love, otherwise bribe would make you yours !! 😘😘😘😘Happy Valentines Day.

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