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Monday, March 7, 2022

Happy Holi Festival Shayari In English 2022

 Happy Holi Festival Shayari In English 2022

Happy Holi 2022 image

Happy Holi Quotes in English: The festival of Holi means a lot to the people of Hindu religion, people congratulate each other on this day by applying color and gulal. It is said that on this day the enemy is also embraced and forgetting his old enmity, this day gives the message of friendship. That is why some of our great poets have said some great Sher and Shayari on the festival of Holi, to know which you can read this post of ours, after reading it you can also share it with your friends on Facebook WhatsApp.

Happy Holi Shayari – Holi Ki Shayari – Holi Special Shayari

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May the festival of colors be full of all colors
May your world be filled with lots of happiness
This is our prayer to God every time
happy holi my friend

before the smell of gujiya
Before bathing in colors
Before getting lost in Holi's drunkenness
First of all we say Happy Holi to you

The flowers have stopped blooming, the stars have stopped shining
There are many days left in Holi, yet you
Why did you stop bathing now? Happy Holi

Radha's color and Kanha's pichkari,
Color the whole world with the color of love,
This color is not known, no caste, no dialect
good luck to you
colorful holi

Holi Shayari in English - Holi Poetry in English

red is pink
swinging world
sun ray
spring of happiness
moon moonlight love of loved ones
happy holi festival to you

Kabir Ji had said
Kal kare so aaj kar
do it today
network will be down
Then when will you wish, that's why
happy holi in advance

like the beautiful colors of holi
to you and your whole family
many colors from our side
best wishes

Will remember this meeting on the day of Holi
Will remember this rain of colors
You always get a colorful world like this
This will be my prayer… Happy Holi

Happy Holi Shayari – Colorful Holi Shayari – Holi Shayari SMS

Red colour for your chicks
black color for your hair
blue colour for your eyes
yellow colour for your hands
pink colour for your dreams
white color for your heart
green for your life
With these seven colors of Holi…
happy holi

Poonam's moon
doli of colors
her moonlight spoke to the moon
Fill everyone's bag with happiness
happy holi to you

moment life will pass
Holi will come after a few days
take congratulations from now or else
Then this congratulation will become common
Happy Holi 2022

don't panic
the rainy season has not started
This is what Indradev was checking his pichkari
Holi is coming, don't be afraid of colors
afraid of color changers
Happy Holi in Advance

With the wind the desire has been sent,
The message has been sent through NETWORK,
If you get the time, accept it.
We got you first
Holi colors have been sent.

Our life is more colorful than colors,
Be colorful, this bandi is ours,
Never spoil this rangoli of love,

Our life is more colorful than colors
Be colorful, this bandi is ours
Never spoil this rangoli of love
Happy Holi to you my friend
happy holi

Fish is called 'fish' in English.
We miss you a lot
No one should make you 'wish' before us
That's why I'm doing 'Wish' a day before...
"Happy Holi"

Rang Barse Bhege Chunar Wali…
Oh Rang Barse Bhege Chunar Wali…
Hey Rang Barse Bheege Chunar Wali…re
Now go home or else you will get cold.

Happy Holi Shayari English – Shero Shayari of Holi

overflow of sweets
never have fun
Shade of color and gulal
Maya be full of pocket
good luck shower
the festival of holi came

the coolness of that gulal
that evening glow
those people song
those streets shine
fun in that day
those colors
Holi has arrived, Holi is Happy Holi

On this auspicious occasion of Holi
i want to wish
May your life be filled with colors of happiness

pitcher edge,
gulal shower,
love of loved ones,
This is the festival of Holi, friends.
Happy Holi…

Shraddha Sadbhavna is a festival of fun and brotherhood
Connect the strings of love with colors
Colors are everywhere
Wish You Happy Holi 2022

always be sweet
May your bag be filled with happiness
you all by my side
Happy Holi

Holi festival is something special
think i'm around you
happy holi from heart

It's time to join hearts,
It's time to erase distances
Holi festival is like this,
It's time to drown in colors

on this festival of holi
color every cheek
national colors are in all
every house is happy

Celebrate Holi festival like this
Only love rained with a pitchfork
This is your chance to hug your loved ones
So get ready with gulal and color

Holi with seven colors
Holi celebrated in the village city
Friends immersed in colors
Happy Holi

The color of gulal, the hitting of balloons,
The rays of the sun, the spring of happiness,
Moonlight, Love of loved ones,
Happy festival of colors to you.

May every happiness be yours
May every smile adorn your hands
Like this festival full of colors
may your life be colorful

The festival of colors has come, has brought thousands of happiness
No one should tell you before us, that's why
Colors of good luck have been sent to you

It's Holi and there's a lot of fun
cannabis is in bloom
fun in the body, fun in the mind
Phagun's fun is everywhere..

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